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Learn How to Start and Grow Your Cleaning Business - Starting Today!

So you want to start a cleaning business? You've just found THE place for people who are pursuing their dreams of owning a successful cleaning business.

Find hundreds of janitorial and bidding forms, information-packed eBooks, how-to articles, bidding calculators, active discussion groups, audio interviews with experts and more! Plus get discounts on training programs, DVD's and cleaning products.

Join our community of cleaning company owners and gain immediate access to proven strategies for starting, building, and managing your cleaning business.

Featured Resources
How to Start a Cleaning Business - Part 1 (Free Article Series)How to Start a Cleaning Business - Part 1 (Free Article Series)
Jean Hanson
If you're wondering how to start a cleaning business, this article will get you on the right path. This is the first in a series of in-depth articles that will help you successfully start a cleaning business. . . . keep reading

Jani Bid App - Available on iTunes and Google PlayJani Bid App - Available on iTunes and Google Play
Finally! The janitorial bidding app you've been searching for! Pricing your prospects' locations has never been easier and more accurate than with the Jani Bid Mobile App. Not only will you present an accurate price, you'll know that it's priced profitably for YOUR business. You won't find another full-featured app of this kind anywhere else. Available on iTunes and Google Play. Click here to learn more and watch the Video Tutorials. . . . keep reading

6-CD SET: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Janitorial Companies6-CD SET: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Janitorial Companies
This is a 6-CD Set filled with documents that you can use to create Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for your cleaning company. You can also use the documents to qualify for CIMS Certification. You also receive a BONUS One Year Membership to The Janitorial Store with purchase. Active members will receive an extra year added onto their membership. . . . keep reading

NEWSLETTERS for Commercial Cleaning CompaniesNEWSLETTERS for Commercial Cleaning Companies
MAY ISSUE NOW AVAILABLE! Sending monthly newsletters is the #1 way to stay in front of your clients and prospects. The best part is, WE do all the work of creating the content! All you have to do is personalize it for your business by adding special offers and company updates. Then take it to your local printer or upload it to an online printer. You can even upload it to your website for online reading. NewzBreak is a 4-page, full color newsletter. You will have it printed on 11x17 paper, folded in half. New issues every month! Order monthly or buy an entire year for a discounted price. Click here to see sample issues. . . . keep reading

DEAL OF THE WEEK! Stripping & Waxing VCT Tile Floors DVDDEAL OF THE WEEK! Stripping & Waxing VCT Tile Floors DVD
Would you like to expand your cleaning services to include floor care? One of the most common floor care services offered by commercial cleaning companies is stripping and waxing VCT tile floors. If you or your employees need step-by-step training on stripping and waxing, then this DVD is for you! . . . keep reading

What's New
How To Sell Your Cleaning BusinessHow To Sell Your Cleaning Business
Renee O’Brien & Sharon L. Cowan
A comprehensive guide on how to sell your cleaning business developed by industry experts Renee O'Brien of SharpChip Consulting and Sharon L. Cowan, CBSE of Cleaning Business Consulting Group. This How-To Guide answers tough questions like: - How to Sell Your Cleaning Business for Big Bucks! . . . keep reading

Referral Engine Pro Self-StudyReferral Engine Pro Self-Study
Jean Hanson
Referral Engine Pro is a self-study course that includes unlimited access to an online portal that offers practical techniques for harnessing the power of referrals to ensure a steady flow of new customers. There are 4 lessons and each lesson includes 1) A video overview, 2) PDF version of the slides, 3)Video transcript, 4) Action steps, 5) Supplemental content . . . keep reading

Episode 78: "Do Your Cleaning Technicians Feel Like 'Fish Out Of Water' Due To Your Lack Of Training?"Episode 78: "Do Your Cleaning Technicians Feel Like 'Fish Out Of Water' Due To Your Lack Of Training?"
Jean Hanson
Many cleaning technicians often feel like a fish out of water due to a lack of training. Some cleaning business owners simply have the employee follow them around showing them what to do, or worse yet, have them follow around another employee that isn't "trained" to train another employee. If this sounds familiar, watch the video to find out what to do about it. . . . keep reading

Teleforum: What to Prepare for When Buying or Selling a Cleaning CompanyTeleforum: What to Prepare for When Buying or Selling a Cleaning Company
Join Co-founders Steve and Jean Hanson, and their guests Sharon Cowan, CBSE and Dick Ollek, CBSE. The Hansons have sold two cleaning companies; Cowan and Ollek have both bought and sold cleaning companies, so you'll be getting first-hand information on what to watch for. . . . keep reading

Episode 77: "Why Commercial Cleaning Clients Cancel Service And What You Can Do About It."Episode 77: "Why Commercial Cleaning Clients Cancel Service And What You Can Do About It."
Jean Hanson
Finding out you've lost a commercial cleaning account is never a fun experience, but it's your job as the owner to find out why your client cancelled service, figure out what went wrong and then make adjustments, if needed. . . . keep reading

SEO Basics For Your Cleaning Business WebsiteSEO Basics For Your Cleaning Business Website
Jean Hanson
I'm occasionally asked by cleaning business owners if they should hire an SEO company to help increase traffic to their website. (In case you don't know, SEO stands for search engine optimization). . . . keep reading

Member Call: How to Choose the Right Floor Burnisher For Your Cleaning BusinessMember Call: How to Choose the Right Floor Burnisher For Your Cleaning Business
Join Steve Hanson and Mike Gosson of Parish Supply for our next featured product call on how to choose the right floor burnisher for your cleaning business. It's not a one size fits all. You'll learn: 1) Choosing between a propane burnisher, battery or electric. 2) The productivity difference between different models with different rpms. 3) The different sized of machines available and how to choose the right one for your needs. 4) Whether or not you need dust control. 5) Which pads to use . . . keep reading

Episode 76: "Are You Giving Up On Your Cleaning Business Right Before The Floodgates Open? "Episode 76: "Are You Giving Up On Your Cleaning Business Right Before The Floodgates Open? "
Jean Hanson
It happens a lot. People start a cleaning business and get frustrated after a couple months because they're not getting clients. But if they're actively networking and marketing their cleaning business, they just might be giving up right before the floodgates are about to open. Watch to see what I mean. . . . keep reading

Benefits and Drawbacks of Encapsulation and Hot Water Extraction Cleaning MethodsBenefits and Drawbacks of Encapsulation and Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Methods
Mike Gosson
This table compares encapsulation and hot water extraction - as each method relates to commercial carpet care. . . . keep reading

Is Credit Card Debt Keeping You From Starting Or Growing Your Cleaning Business?Is Credit Card Debt Keeping You From Starting Or Growing Your Cleaning Business?
Jean Hanson
If you are currently in this situation, I suggest you listen to Suze and get your personal finances in order first, and THEN work on starting your business or investing more money in your business. Here's how she suggests you pay off credit card debt: . . . keep reading

New Form: Training Program / Instructor EvaluationNew Form: Training Program / Instructor Evaluation
This is a form trainees can use to evaluate their instructor. It's important to ensure you, your supervisors and/or trainers are doing a good job training your cleaning technicians. And the best place to get feedback on this is from the trainees themselves. This is a one-page evaluation form to give trainees after they've gone through training. . . . keep reading

Employee or Subcontractor? Issuing a 1099 Isn't the Determining FactorEmployee or Subcontractor? Issuing a 1099 Isn't the Determining Factor
Jean Hanson
Many cleaning companies want to grow their cleaning business but don't want the hassle of hiring employees. That's because there's a lot of paperwork, taxes and insurance to pay. Instead, they decide that it's much easier and less expensive to hire subcontractors to do the work and then give them a 1099 so the individual has to pay their own taxes. But is this the legal way to view this decision? . . . keep reading

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