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Here's what our members are saying...

"We started an air duct cleaning company in 2003 after the economy started to slow we needed additional services to offer. A banker friend of mine suggested I look into the janitorial industry. I found the The Janitorial Store, and shortly thereafter was fortunate enough to meet Steve. And the rest is history. I consider Steve Hanson not only a business mentor but a great friend. 4 years later our janitorial division is nearly 10 times larger then our air duct cleaning division and still growing. Thanks so much to Steve and The Janitorial Store!"

Matthew Kitzmann
Green Clean Solutions
Rochester, MN

"Steve - I just wanted to let you know that I got the 5 times a week account. Thanks so much for returning my call so quickly and being willing to offer advice, answer my questions and be a sounding board for strategy. You are a storehouse of information! I really appreciate your willingness to help. Thanks so much."

Maggie Forsythe
Pinnacle Commercial Cleaning
Northville, MI

"There's something to say about having the ability to pick up the phone & contact the Janitorial Store with a problem, or simply to talk through a proposal that's on your desk. For the past 4+ years, I've happily paid my membership investment into TJS and have gotten an ROI that makes me want to ask Steve & Jean "WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING!?!?!" They have truly been a blessing to the growth of our company & have consistently shared their wealth of knowledge in a family-oriented style manner. I really dig that about them! I really do!! And I appreciate you guys simply being here. I've learned a lot! Blessings to your businesses."

Gerren Sprauve
Clean Slate Janitorial Service
Apopka, FL

"Steve. you have been instrumental in teaching me many things about the commercial bidding process. We just landed our first commercial account. Thank you Steve for sharing your expertise, your time, and helping a beginner get started in this competitive industry."

Jim Jones
Mr Maid Pittsburgh Commercial Cleaning, Pittsburgh, PA

"Jean, you have been a big inspiration to my husband and I. Love the education you bring to our business. The Janitorial Store is a big part of our lives and our business."

Debbie Melville
Mel's Truly Clean, Plymouth, MI

"Jean - thank you so much for your great information. I have to tell you, I made this website my homepage, it has helped me out greatly. I would recommended it to any one starting their cleaning business."

Nicholas Dominguez
Marich Building Services, Tampa, FL

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home | Cleaning Procedures

Cleaning Procedures Articles

Knowing the "right" way to clean not only makes your buildings look good - but also saves you time and money.  Did you know that improper dusting is one of the things that your customers will complain about the most?  Start out the right way with the proper cleaning procedures and you'll keep your customers happy and your checkbook growing.

How to Choose the Right Microfiber Cloth for the Job
Steve Hanson
How to Choose the Right Microfiber Cloth for the Job If you use microfiber cleaning cloths, then you've probably discovered that there are different grades of cloth available for different tasks. Most manufacturers will carry at least 3 different types of microfiber cloths. So how do you know which one to choose? . . . keep reading
Episode 78: "Do Your Cleaning Technicians Feel Like 'Fish Out Of Water' Due To Your Lack Of Training?"
Jean Hanson
Episode 78: "Do Your Cleaning Technicians Feel Like 'Fish Out Of Water' Due To Your Lack Of Training?" Many cleaning technicians often feel like a fish out of water due to a lack of training. Some cleaning business owners simply have the employee follow them around showing them what to do, or worse yet, have them follow around another employee that isn't "trained" to train another employee. If this sounds familiar, watch the video to find out what to do about it. . . . keep reading
Benefits and Drawbacks of Encapsulation and Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Methods
Mike Gosson
Benefits and Drawbacks of Encapsulation and Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Methods This table compares encapsulation and hot water extraction - as each method relates to commercial carpet care. . . . keep reading
Member Call: Which Carpet Cleaning Method(s) Should You Use?
Member Call: Which Carpet Cleaning Method(s) Should You Use? Deciding on what method to use when cleaning carpets can be a challenge. Should you use the bonnet method, encapsulation or a brush? Will those methods really get the carpet clean? Will those methods really get the carpet clean or should you use hot water extraction every time for a deep cleaning? Listen as Steve Hanson, co-founder of The Janitorial Store, and Mike Gosson of Parish Supply, fill you in on your options. . . . keep reading
Recorded Call: How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner for Your Cleaning Business
Recorded Call: How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner for Your Cleaning Business We've all seen the discussions in our member forum and on social media sites -- "Which vacuum cleaner should I buy for my cleaning business?" In this call, Steve Hanson and guest expert Mike Gosson of Parish Supply help you decide. Some of the common questions they discussed include: How do you know if you're purchasing a quality vacuum cleaner? Are you basing your choice on price or cost? What is CFM, air power, db and watts? What attachments should you consider? Should you use bags or go bagless? Why are filters important? How big of a cleaning path should I have? How long should the power cord be? . . . keep reading
Ceramic Tile Training Program
Ceramic Tile Training Program Ceramic tile is one of the most common floor surfaces used in buildings today. It is durable and long-lasting, and after the floor is sealed with a penetrating sealer it needs little maintenance. But over time, tile and grout can become dirty and impregnated with soil. This training program walks you through maintenance procedures, step-by-step and gives you the tools you need to make your floors look great. . . . keep reading
6-CD SET: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Janitorial Companies
6-CD SET: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Janitorial Companies This is a 6-CD Set filled with documents that you can use to create Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for your cleaning company. You can also use the documents to qualify for CIMS Certification. You also receive a BONUS One Year Membership to The Janitorial Store with purchase. Active members will receive an extra year added onto their membership. . . . keep reading
Episode 56 -- Should You Use Subcontractors To Offer New Services In Your Cleaning Business?
Episode 56 -- Should You Use Subcontractors To Offer New Services In Your Cleaning Business? One of the best ways to grow your cleaning business and increase profitability is to offer more services to your existing clients. But what do you do if you don't know how to perform the service? This video explains the pros and cons of learning how to provide the service yourself versus subcontracting the work. . . . keep reading
RECORDED CALL: Chemical Free Floor Scrubbing and Stripping with Square Strip Floor Machines
RECORDED CALL: Chemical Free Floor Scrubbing and Stripping with Square Strip Floor Machines If you've ever done floor care services like stripping and waxing or scrubbing and recoating, you know that you must use harsh chemicals to remove the floor finish. What if you could provide this service without using any chemicals that are harmful to you, your employees and the environment? You now can with Square Strip Orbital Floor Machines! The Square Strip floor surface preparation machine gives operators the ability to remove multiple layers of finish, without using chemicals. This is a recorded call with Steve Hanson and Mike Gosson of Parish Supply. . . . keep reading
AUDIO: Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines
AUDIO: Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines Listen as Steve Hanson talks with Lisa Morantz of Morantz Ultrasonics. You'll be amazed at the vast amount of items that can be cleaned using ultrasonic technology, and how profitable this type of cleaning is. Many cleaning companies are expanding their services to include ultrasonic cleaning. Morantz specializes in building quality Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems for the fire restoration, window blind cleaning, medical cleaning, parts cleaning and golf club cleaning industries. . . . keep reading
Stone Floor Care Packet
Stone Floor Care Packet This packet of information on stone floor care was provided by Parish Maintenance Supply - #1 - Types of Stone Floors. #2 - Restoration / Refinishing of Natural Stone Floors. #3 - Methods of Polishing and Restoration. #4 - Wet Polishing for Terrazzo and Marble Floors. #5 - "Three Step" Terazzo Resurfacing & Polishing Procedures. #6 - An Education in Crystallization. #7 & 8 - Twister System Handbook and brochure. . . . keep reading
AUDIO: Stone Floor Care
AUDIO: Stone Floor Care Have you ever wondered how to identify stone floors or how to care for them without doing damage? Don't risk ruining your clients' valuable stone floors by caring for them improperly! Listen as Steve Hanson and Mike Gosson share their extensive knowledge of stone floor care; including marble, granite, limestone and terrazzo flooring. . . . keep reading
Cleaning Day Care Centers: What To Watch For
Cleaning Day Care Centers: What To Watch For As a cleaning business owner, some of my toughest experiences have been with cleaning Day Care Centers. I am certain there are many others who have had great experiences and love working for them. But be aware of the problems you might end up facing once you take them on as a client. Some of the common issues that you must keep in mind while putting together your cleaning service proposal are: . . . keep reading
Episode #44 -- Is Your Cleaning Company Leaking Profits?
Jean Hanson
Episode #44 -- Is Your Cleaning Company Leaking Profits? As cleaning business owners we always seem to pause when we see someone cleaning to see if they're doing it the way we would, if we can find mistakes in their method, or inadequacies in their equipment. . . . keep reading
6 Reasons to Consider Day Cleaning
Jean Hanson
Day Cleaning is gaining ground in the commercial cleaning industry and for good reason. Not only are building owners and managers happier, janitorial workers are too. Here are some of the benefits of day cleaning. . . . keep reading
FORM: Pre-existing Surface Damage Waiver
FORM: Pre-existing Surface Damage Waiver Have your client sign this form before cleaning a surface, when pre-existing surface damage exists. The form includes space to describe the pre-existing damage. It also documents when and how the customer was informed of the damage and that they agree to have you clean the surface anyway. . . . keep reading
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