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Here's what our members are saying...

"I have been a member of The Janitorial Store for several years now and find your expertise very helpful and rewarding. Your resources have proven to be invaluable to me over the years. I especially appreciate the fact that you and Jean are very directly involved and have personally authored many of the responses I have received to my requests. The rest of your staff has always been very responsive and provided excellent customer service. Thanks for all you guys do for our industry."
Gary Pollard, Reliable Cleaning Services, NYC

"We started an air duct cleaning company in 2003 after the economy started to slow we needed additional services to offer. A banker friend of mine suggested I look into the janitorial industry. I found the The Janitorial Store, and shortly thereafter was fortunate enough to meet Steve. And the rest is history. I consider Steve Hanson not only a business mentor but a great friend. 4 years later our janitorial division is nearly 10 times larger then our air duct cleaning division and still growing. Thanks so much to Steve and The Janitorial Store!"

Matthew Kitzmann
Green Clean Solutions
Rochester, MN

"Steve - I just wanted to let you know that I got the 5 times a week account. Thanks so much for returning my call so quickly and being willing to offer advice, answer my questions and be a sounding board for strategy. You are a storehouse of information! I really appreciate your willingness to help. Thanks so much."

Maggie Forsythe
Pinnacle Commercial Cleaning
Northville, MI

"There's something to say about having the ability to pick up the phone & contact the Janitorial Store with a problem, or simply to talk through a proposal that's on your desk. For the past 4+ years, I've happily paid my membership investment into TJS and have gotten an ROI that makes me want to ask Steve & Jean "WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING!?!?!" They have truly been a blessing to the growth of our company & have consistently shared their wealth of knowledge in a family-oriented style manner. I really dig that about them! I really do!! And I appreciate you guys simply being here. I've learned a lot! Blessings to your businesses."

Gerren Sprauve
Clean Slate Janitorial Service
Apopka, FL

"Steve. you have been instrumental in teaching me many things about the commercial bidding process. We just landed our first commercial account. Thank you Steve for sharing your expertise, your time, and helping a beginner get started in this competitive industry."

Jim Jones
Mr Maid Pittsburgh Commercial Cleaning, Pittsburgh, PA

"Jean, you have been a big inspiration to my husband and I. Love the education you bring to our business. The Janitorial Store is a big part of our lives and our business."

Debbie Melville
Mel's Truly Clean, Plymouth, MI

"Jean - thank you so much for your great information. I have to tell you, I made this website my homepage, it has helped me out greatly. I would recommended it to any one starting their cleaning business."

Nicholas Dominguez
Marich Building Services, Tampa, FL

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home | Bidding & Estimating

Bidding & Estimating

Bidding and estimating is a challenge for most building service contractors. If you are struggling with any aspect of the bidding and estimating process, we have several tools that will help.

Included with your subscription to The Janitorial Store are the following:

FREE EBOOK (100 pages)

Bidding & Estimating for Cleaning Companies

Are you confused on how to prepare bids for commercial cleaning accounts? If you bid too high, you might lose the job, but bidding too low might mean you won't make a profit on the job. Walking that fine line and bidding correctly can have a huge impact on the success of your cleaning business. This Ebook will show you how to bid, step-by-step.



Discussion Forum




Have a proposal to submit but stuck on how to price it? We'll help you work through the numbers and any other questions you have.




Choose from 10 calculators to help you work through all your estimating needs.

Profitability calculators, production rates, paper usage, trash can liners, soap, air fresheners, feminine hygiene, and window washing.





Visit the Download Library for a huge selection of templates and walk-through forms to help you submit a professional proposal.




DVD (Discounted for members):

Congratulations! You did it! You successfully booked an appointment to do a walk through with the person who makes decisions on the cleaning service. Now What? Getting the appointment is just the first step. Don't let yourself down by not preparing -- this is an important part of the sales process if you have any hopes of closing the deal. This DVD is designed to help you learn how to present yourself at the walkthrough, how to interact with the prospect, and how to measure the space. When you do it right, you are on your way to making the sale.


Besides the resources listed above for members, we regularly add to our library of articles on the topic. Scroll through the topics below.

eBook for Members: Consumables Management for Commercial Cleaning Companies eBook for Members: Consumables Management for Commercial Cleaning Companies
Steve Hanson
Managing consumable products like toilet paper, hand towels and soap for your commercial cleaning clients is expected of commercial cleaning companies these days. Learn how to manage it all with this eBook and free forms. Learn how to successfully and profitably manage what to buy, where to buy, storage, inventory management, all the way to invoicing. Your customers will no longer have to rely on in-house staff to manage and perform the duties necessary to manage consumables and can look to you to fulfill this need. This will save them time and money by improving their building operations and efficiencies while adding additional revenue to your bottom line. keep reading

Episode 90: I Didn't Win The Cleaning Account - Again! Episode 90: I Didn't Win The Cleaning Account - Again!
Jean Hanson
How often do you have a meeting with a prospect, give your best effort to win the cleaning account, only to be disappointed once again? Do you ever take the time to evaluate the meeting afterwards or do you simply start working on your next prospect, hoping for a better result next time? keep reading

Is it Acceptable to Email Your Commercial Cleaning Proposal? Is it Acceptable to Email Your Commercial Cleaning Proposal?
Jean Hanson
Most building service contractors agree that presenting your proposal in person is the best way to convert prospects to clients. But what happens when the prospect asks you to email it? Should you go ahead and do what they ask or stand your ground and insist on an in-person meeting? This article explores the pros and cons of emailing your proposal to the prospect versus presenting it in person. keep reading

Episode 88: Are You Ready For That Large Cleaning Account? Episode 88: Are You Ready For That Large Cleaning Account?
Jean Hanson
Many cleaning business owners call us for advice because they have an opportunity to take on a large cleaning account -- one that is much larger than they're used to. In this video, Jean Hanson and Sharon Cowan discuss the pitfalls of taking on that first large cleaning account and what to be prepared for. Our guest for today's episode is Sharon Cowan, CBSE. keep reading

Post Construction Cleaning Calculator for Commercial Cleaning Companies Post Construction Cleaning Calculator for Commercial Cleaning Companies
Use this calculator for pricing one, two and three phase post construction cleaning jobs on commercial properties. You can estimate your time by entering your production rate and/or hours per cleaning. Enter both for a side-by-side comparison. Complete the calculations by entering your employment costs and expenses in order to determine how profitable the job will be. keep reading

Production Rates Tracking Spreadsheet Production Rates Tracking Spreadsheet
This spreadsheet allows you to track and calculate each building's production rate. It also has tabs for tracking task times for up to 3 employees. This will give you a better idea of how long each task takes for your company. keep reading

Episode 82: Price Versus Cost: There IS a Difference When it Comes to Selling Cleaning Services Episode 82: Price Versus Cost: There IS a Difference When it Comes to Selling Cleaning Services
Jean Hanson
These days cleaning prospects tend to focus on the price of your cleaning service over everything else because they want the best deal to stay within their budget, while still getting a quality service. But it's your job to help them realize they should be thinking about COST, not PRICE - there IS a difference. keep reading

Recorded Member call: Bidding & Estimating Q & A Recorded Member call: Bidding & Estimating Q & A
This is a recorded member call on Bidding & Estimating. Some of the topics discussed include: pricing by the square foot, pricing by the hour, adding project work to your proposal, not falling into the price trap, when to increase price, how to handle tenants in a building, residential vs commercial. keep reading

Recorded Webinar: Components of a Successful Sales Proposal Recorded Webinar: Components of a Successful Sales Proposal
This is a recorded webinar with guest presenter Dick Ollek, CBSE. You have worked hard to get the prospect to let you present a proposal so don't "blow it". The proposal is your chance to prove you are the company they should hire. What you say and how you say it is critical to making the sale. In this webinar you'll learn: the 10 things that should be included in every proposal, in what order they should be and why, where to talk about price, what to say when the tell you to drop it off, and more. keep reading

Bidding Office Buildings: No Two Are Exactly Alike Bidding Office Buildings: No Two Are Exactly Alike
Steve Hanson
This article illustrates why every building you bid on must be analyzed individually, and why you simply can't plug numbers into a formula to come up with a price that is reflective of the job itself. We will do this by comparing 2 office buildings, each with a total of 30,000 square feet, and each cleaned 5 days per week. I think you'll be amazed at the two completely different prices that must be charged with two building of the same size. keep reading

Jani Bid App - Available on iTunes and Google Play Jani Bid App - Available on iTunes and Google Play
Finally! The janitorial bidding app you've been searching for! Pricing your prospects' locations has never been easier and more accurate than with the Jani Bid Mobile App. Not only will you present an accurate price, you'll know that it's priced profitably for YOUR business. You won't find another full-featured app of this kind anywhere else. Available on iTunes and Google Play. Click here to learn more and watch the Video Tutorials. keep reading

6-CD SET: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Janitorial Companies 6-CD SET: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Janitorial Companies
This is a 6-CD Set filled with documents that you can use to create Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for your cleaning company. You can also use the documents to qualify for CIMS Certification. You also receive a BONUS One Year Membership to The Janitorial Store with purchase. Active members will receive an extra year added onto their membership. keep reading

RECORDED CALL: How accurate are your numbers? Providing accurate proposals that are both competitive and profitable RECORDED CALL: How accurate are your numbers? Providing accurate proposals that are both competitive and profitable
How do you know if the price you just quoted will be profitable? Did you run YOUR costs of doing business or did you use what you heard is the "going rate" for cleaning and the "standard percentage" for payroll costs? Listen as Jean Hanson, Steve Hanson, and guest expert Dick Ollek, discuss how to provide an accurate price that is both competitive and profitable. keep reading

How to Determine Staffing Levels in a Commercial Cleaning Account
Jean Hanson
If you've been in the cleaning industry for a while, you probably have a pretty good idea how many employees it will take to clean a particular building. But using an educated guess is not always accurate, especially in recent years where cleaning specifications are more customized to each building. keep reading

Cleaning Day Care Centers: What To Watch For Cleaning Day Care Centers: What To Watch For
As a cleaning business owner, some of my toughest experiences have been with cleaning Day Care Centers. I am certain there are many others who have had great experiences and love working for them. But be aware of the problems you might end up facing once you take them on as a client. Some of the common issues that you must keep in mind while putting together your cleaning service proposal are: keep reading

AUDIO: Bidding & Estimating - Member Discussion AUDIO: Bidding & Estimating - Member Discussion
Jean Hanson
You've probably heard that there are a lot of variables when it comes to bidding and estimating for commercial cleaning jobs, and it's true! So how do you know here to begin, and how do you know how to adapt your pricing to the changes happening in the economy? Join co-founder Steve Hanson, consultant Dick Ollek, and members of The Janitorial Store for a discussion on this hot topic among cleaning business owners. keep reading