VIDEO: How to Buff a VCT Tile Floor

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Have you ever wondered how to get a dull-looking VCT tile floor shiny again? This short video takes you step-by-step through the process of spray buffing a VCT tile floor using a high-speed floor machine. Video Recap: Before buffing a VCT floor, clear items such as boxes, files, chairs, trashcans, and mats. Sweep or vacuum the floor and then mop it with a neutral PH floor cleaner. Use cool or cold water, not hot. Be sure the floor is dry. Prepare the machine by putting on the right pad. Spray a small amount of solution in front of the machine and be sure not to let it dry out. Use a front-to-back motion instead of a side-to-side one and make at least two passes. If there is not enough shine, either go over the area again or slow down. Don't spray the baseboards or furniture. After finishing the entire floor, remove the pad and clean it. There will be extra dust on the floor, so vacuum it one more time.

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