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Here's what our members are saying...

"We started an air duct cleaning company in 2003 after the economy started to slow we needed additional services to offer. A banker friend of mine suggested I look into the janitorial industry. I found the The Janitorial Store, and shortly thereafter was fortunate enough to meet Steve. And the rest is history. I consider Steve Hanson not only a business mentor but a great friend. 4 years later our janitorial division is nearly 10 times larger then our air duct cleaning division and still growing. Thanks so much to Steve and The Janitorial Store!"

Matthew Kitzmann
Green Clean Solutions
Rochester, MN

"Steve - I just wanted to let you know that I got the 5 times a week account. Thanks so much for returning my call so quickly and being willing to offer advice, answer my questions and be a sounding board for strategy. You are a storehouse of information! I really appreciate your willingness to help. Thanks so much."

Maggie Forsythe
Pinnacle Commercial Cleaning
Northville, MI

"There's something to say about having the ability to pick up the phone & contact the Janitorial Store with a problem, or simply to talk through a proposal that's on your desk. For the past 4+ years, I've happily paid my membership investment into TJS and have gotten an ROI that makes me want to ask Steve & Jean "WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING!?!?!" They have truly been a blessing to the growth of our company & have consistently shared their wealth of knowledge in a family-oriented style manner. I really dig that about them! I really do!! And I appreciate you guys simply being here. I've learned a lot! Blessings to your businesses."

Gerren Sprauve
Clean Slate Janitorial Service
Apopka, FL

"Steve. you have been instrumental in teaching me many things about the commercial bidding process. We just landed our first commercial account. Thank you Steve for sharing your expertise, your time, and helping a beginner get started in this competitive industry."

Jim Jones
Mr Maid Pittsburgh Commercial Cleaning, Pittsburgh, PA

"Jean, you have been a big inspiration to my husband and I. Love the education you bring to our business. The Janitorial Store is a big part of our lives and our business."

Debbie Melville
Mel's Truly Clean, Plymouth, MI

"Jean - thank you so much for your great information. I have to tell you, I made this website my homepage, it has helped me out greatly. I would recommended it to any one starting their cleaning business."

Nicholas Dominguez
Marich Building Services, Tampa, FL

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home | Cleaning Tips Archive | Cold Calling Scripts for Your Cleani . . .

Cold Calling Scripts for Your Cleaning Business

Jean Hanson
Printer-Friendly Format

"Hello Mr. Jones. My name is John Smith and I'm with All-American Cleaning Company. We work with building owners and managers who have cleaning concerns that they've never been able to resolve. We specialize in servicing banks with high-end surfaces like granite flooring and countertops. USA Bank recently had us restore their granite floor and was extremely pleased with the results. I would like to meet with you for about 15 minutes to discuss any concerns that you currently have so we can offer possible solutions. Would next Tuesday at 10 a.m. be a good time to meet?"

"Hello Mr. Jones. My name is John Smith and my company is All-American Cleaning Company. I help apartment managers with move-out cleaning in large apartment complexes. We offer our cleaning services 7 days a week for fast turnaround for new tenants who are ready to move in. I would like to meet with you for about 15 minutes to discuss what we can do for your apartment complex. Would next Tuesday at 10 a.m. be a good time to meet?"

"Good morning, Mr. Smith. This is Tom Jones of ABC Cleaning Company. I recently read in the business section of the local paper that you're moving your business to a larger location. We specialize in commercial cleaning services in buildings of this size and can help you to reduce your monthly maintenance costs by using proven cleaning systems that also use environmentally friendly products. I'd like to ask you a few questions in order to determine the amount of savings we can potentially provide your company. Would next Wednesday at 9 a.m. be a good time to meet?"

"Hello Mrs. Jones. This is Sally Anderson with Best House Cleaning Services. We offer residential cleaning services to busy home owners who don't have the time or the desire to clean their house because they'd rather spend their valuable time with their families. I'd like to meet with you for 15 minutes to discuss how much time we can save you each month on cleaning your house. Would next Wednesday at 9 a.m. be a good time to meet?"

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helps owners of commercial cleaning companies build a more profitable and successful cleaning business through her online community at Jean is also the host of the popular Web TV show and author of the newsletter Trash Talk - sign up today!

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