How to Set Cookies in Internet Explorer 6 & 7

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What are cookies?  Cookies are very small files that are placed on your computer by web sites that you visit.  The cookie contains information that identifies you to websites.  A cookie's purpose is to tell the server that you have returned to the web page. Cookies are also necessary in some web applications, such as shopping carts, so that a server can save information about you and/or your purchase and complete the transaction. uses cookies, so members need to have them enabled.


You are in control of the cookies that your computer accepts.  To accept or reject cookies is a very easy process.   Different versions of Internet Explorer and different types of browsers will vary slightly in the process of enabling cookies.  The following steps are how to set cookies in Internet Explorer 6.  For older versions of Internet Explorer it will be similar, but you may want to check with Microsoft's website  ( for the exact steps.


To enable cookies in Internet Explorer 6, perform the following steps:


1. After logging on to Internet Explorer go to the top of the window and from the Tools menu, click Internet Options.


2. Once on the Internet Options dialog box, click on the Privacy tab, and then click Advanced.


3. From the Advanced Privacy Settings dialog box, click to select Override automatic cookie handling.



4. Under First-Party Cookies and Third-party Cookies, click to select Accept.


5. Click to select Always allow session cookies.


6. Click OK.


7. From the Internet Properties dialog box, click OK.

If you're a member and are still having problems after adjusting cookie settings in your browser, try the following:

1. Check the system date and time on your computer (lower right corner). If the system date or time is wrong, the cookie might not be able to be written so it will log you out.

2. Check your firewall settings. There is probably a setting that is deleting cookies.


3. Restart your computer.


4. If you're using Internet Explorer, try using another browser like Firefox. If you don't have it on your computer, you can download it from here:

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