Microfiber Cloths - 4 Color Assortment

Microfiber Cloths - 4 Color Assortment

Product Number: MIC-4colors

Assortment of microfiber cleaning cloths - green, blue, red and yellow.

Pack 48 (12 of each color).

Green: All purpose cloth used for dusting. This cloth is very effective on all non-porous surfaces. Remove dirt, dust, grime and fingerprints with ease. Size 16" x 16".

Blue: The best microfiber cloth for windows, glass, mirrors and polished surfaces. Use dry or with a simple mist of water for removing fingerprints and minor debris. This is a special knit microfiber cloth designed for these types of applications. Size 16" by 16".

Red: For restroom use. Use on toilets and urinals. Size 16" by 16".

Yellow: For restroom and breakroom use. Use on countertops, sinks, walls, partitions and dispensers. Size 16" by 16".