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Office Cleaning Training Video / DVD for Janitorial Employees

This Office Cleaning Training DVD has 40 minutes of video to get your employees off on the right foot. This janitorial training video will show your employees right from the start the proper ways to clean offices. Giving your janitorial employees the right training will give you an edge over your competition and save your cleaning company money!
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Would you like to start your own office cleaning business but don't have the experience you need on how to clean offices efficiently? The Office Cleaning Training Video will show you exactly what you need to know to clean offices quickly and professionally.

Are you looking for more efficient ways to train your janitorial employees on how to clean offices? Do your employees clean too fast or too slow?  Do they miss things that they shouldn't?  This janitorial training video will show your employees right from the start the proper ways to clean offices. Giving your janitorial employees the right training will give you an edge over your competition and save your cleaning company money! 

"I was struggling with training my helper on how to clean, so I decided to buy the Office Cleaning Training Video from The Janitorial Store.  After my helper watched the DVD, the productivity from my helper was so much better. We began to get jobs done a whole lot faster.  My helper observed Steve placing four extra trash can liners in the garbage can when pulling the trash and took initiative to do the same. The training DVD is awesome!  I would suggest buying the video to anyone who's not sure on how to clean office buildings."

Kiera Christoph, New Heights Cleaning Service, LLC
New Orleans, Louisiana


"Wow, I loved the Office Cleaning Training Video! The the video production quality is top notch, and the methods were exactly what I wanted. I loved how the training broke down into sections, so it easily applies to a single janitor, or team cleaning."

James L. Young, Teays Custodial Services, LLC
Scott Depot, WV

One of the problems we've had with our own cleaning business is lack of consistency when it comes to training. The owner trains one way, and the supervisors each train another way. So the new employee ends up getting conflicting or incomplete information. The next thing you know, you're getting complaints from clients saying that "John didn't fill the soap in the restroom last night and now we're out"!  When you ask John why he didn't fill the soap he replies, "No one ever told me I had to do that"! Sound familiar?

Here is how we suggest you incorporate the Office Cleaning Training Video into your janitorial employee training program:

  1. After hiring a new employee, conduct an orientation -- fill out the required paperwork, go over your company policies and safety training.
  2. Show the new employee the DVD by playing it in a portable DVD player, on a computer, or on a TV. This will show the employee exactly what he/she will be doing on the job.
  3. The next day, do your on-the-job training that you normally do.
  4. Use the DVD as needed to review areas in which the employee needs more training. We suggest reviewing the employee's performance at 30 days. If there are any areas that need attention, show those areas of the DVD to the employee to refresh their training and reinforce what they've learned.

Want to get an idea of just what's on this video? Watch the preview below: 

The Office Cleaning Training Video will show your employees step-by-step the proper procedures and techniques for cleaning an office building.  The DVD includes the following: 

  • How to clean restrooms
  • How to empty trash
  • How to dust
  • How to mop
  • How to vacuum
  • How to clean entryways
  • How to clean elevators
  • How to clean stairways
  • How to clean breakrooms and coffee centers

The Office Cleaning Training DVD has 40 minutes of video to get your employees off on the right foot.  Too many business owners or supervisors don't spend enough time on training. They quickly show their employees how to clean and then leave them on their own, only to find the employees are missing things and taking too long to get the job done.  These proven cleaning procedures will help you to make sure your office buildings are cleaned to your customer's satisfaction. 

PLUS, you can show the video to each employee time and time again. It's well known that most people don't retain the information they learn the first time, so use the video for a periodic review to make sure your employees know exactly what's expected of them. 

The Office Cleaning Training DVD shows how professionals clean offices using proven step-by-step procedures.  As these professionals clean, they point out the tips and tricks that not only leave an office clean, but also increase productivity.

"Hi Steve and Jean, I'd just like to thank you for your informative video on office cleaning!  We have been using scissor trolly bins and they have been a bit difficult to get around. I immediately went out and purchased 4 of the Brute bins with the dolly (wheels) for our bigger contracts. What a huge difference it makes -- and the way you place your plastic bags on it. It is these little things that make a huge difference. Great work guys, my cleaners are so impressed with the ease of these bins."

Con Chornis
Protop Cleaning Property Services
Melbourne, Australia


"Your office cleaning video is fantastic!  It is a great training tool, both before training begins and later. Your employees can watch it again after training to clarify and reinforce cleaning techniques."

Joshua Hamik, Stratford Inn Professional Cleaners
Ashland, Oregon


"The Office Cleaning DVD is that standard on which we base our training.  If you ever get moreDVD's on various duties--I will  buy them all! I should have joined your site when we first went into business 5 years ago--we would have saved a lot of time and money!"

Corporate Facilities Mgmt.
Birmingham, Alabama

The Office Cleaning Training DVD will be mailed to you within 3 business days. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery on orders shipped outside the continental United States. As soon as you receive your order, all you have to do is put the DVD into your player and you can quickly and efficiently train your employees on the right way to clean an office building!

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