Janitorial Forms - Complete Set (Download)

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Janitorial Forms - Complete Set (Download)

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Are you looking for a complete set of forms for your cleaning business? Why spend dozens of hours of your time trying to create your own?  This comprehensive set of janitorial forms are in Microsoft Word format, which allows you to edit them for your own cleaning business.

This complete set of janitorial forms includes:

Bidding Forms
Bid Specifications
Cleaning Bid Packet 1
Cleaning Bid Packet 2
Residential Services Agreement
Bid Estimation Worksheet
Residential Services Contract
Janitorial Services Contract 

Cleaning Business Start Up Forms:
Cleaning Business Start Up Checklist
Home Office Set Up Worksheet
Start Up Expenses Worksheet
Recurring Company Expenses
Advertising/PR Forms
Press Release Templete
Sample Press Release
Advertising Checklist
Marketing Plan Forms:
Guide to Creating Your Business Plan
Sample Business Plan
Sample Marketing Plan
Marketing Plan Template

Employee Training Tools:

Dilution Ratio Chart
Troubleshooting for Hard Floors
pH Scale
Brute Set Up
Team Cleaning Specialists
Carpet Spotting Chart


Apartment House Cleaning Checklist
Residential Construction Cleanup Checklist
Commercial Construction Cleanup Checklist 
Cleaning Check Off List
Floor Inspection
Building Inspection Checklist
Restroom Daily Cleaning Checklist
Restroom Weekly Cleaning Checklist
Quality Assurance Guidelines
Janitorial Supplies Checklist
Production Cleaning Times
Floor Maintenance Program

Human Resource Forms
Attendance Record (2)
Confidential Employee History
Employee Evaluation Form
Time Sheet
Employee Turnover Report
Employee Schedule
Application for Employment
Interview Questions
Job Description/Pay Scale
Performance Appraisal
Written Counseling/Incident Report
Termination Statement
Vacation Schedule
Vacation Request Form
Use of Company Owned Vehicle
Employee Possession of Company Property
Dress Code Policy
Equipment & Storage Area Policy
Request for Leave of Absence
Meeting Agenda

Company Forms:
Credit Policy
FAX (2)
Mileage & Expense Log
Bill of Sale
Daily Planner
Client Schedule
Company Check Log
Customer Complaint Log
Customer Service Request Log
Telephone Call Log
Customer Communications Log
Bill of Sale for Automobile
Collection Letter 1st Notice
Collection Letter 2nd Notice

Marketing Materials:
Brochures (3)
Business Card Templates (3)
Marketing Flyers (3)
Customer Newsletters (2)
Newspaper Ads (3)
Postcard Templates (3)
Employee Newsletter

Sales Forms:
Cold Calling Script Templates
Contact Report - Site Survey
Sales Call Log
Salles Call Follow-Up
Sales Prospect
Sales Rep Analysis
Commercial Cleaning Survey
Residential Cleaning Survey
Sales Person Agreement
Sales Letter
Sales Letter Follow-Up