Cleaning to Perfection - Hard Floor Care Training Program (PowerPoint & PDF Download)

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Cleaning to Perfection - Hard Floor Care Training Program (PowerPoint & PDF Download)

Product Number: hfctp-v1-ppt

Are your floors looking dirty and dull despite your best efforts? There is nothing that says a building is clean more than shiny floors.

The "Cleaning to Perfection" Hard Floor Care Training Program gives you the tools to make your floors look great. Clean, shiny floors are a positive reflection on your cleaning company, and keeps your customers happy.

The program walks you through step-by-step on the proper procedures to:

  • Spray Buff
  • Burnish
  • Strip and Wax
  • Scrub and Recoat
  • Clean and Burnish with an Automatic Scrubber
  • Strip and Wax with an Automatic Scrubber
  • Scrub and Recoat with an Automatic Scrubber

Plus you'll receive a Bonus section: How to Care for Cleaning Equipment

Get your employees off on the right foot by using a training manual that shows them not only how to maintain floors, but also points out the following:

  • Common Complaints
  • Preparation
  • Procedures
  • Don't Forget the Details
  • Review
  • Training Log

How will the "Cleaning to Perfection" Hard Floor Care Training Program help your cleaning business?

  • More productive employees
  • Less employee turnover
  • Higher profit margins for your cleaning business
  • Fewer equipment breakdowns
  • HAPPIER customers!

"I just want to take a minute to endorse the Training Programs at The Janitorial Store. We have purchased each of them and can truly say that they are worth every penny!!! There are tricks and tips in them that we didn't know, and by using the training materials, we have actually improved our own performance, not to mention the benefits of having consistent training materials for our employees! Even if you don't have employees, you should seriously consider ordering the Training Programs to reinforce the things you know and to learn a few new tricks!  I just can't believe how thorough and organized they actually are.  They're jam-packed with great info!! Check it out!" Stacie Gorse, Omni Enterprises, Creedmore, NC

For a very small investment, you can start training your employees immediately on the RIGHT way to maintain floors! This training program is for both new and existing employees. Break those bad habits of existing employees and train your new employees right from the start!

The Cleaning to Perfection Hard Floor Training Program is a downloadable program in two formats - a PowerPoint Show and PDF format. There are 8 PowerPoint shows - one for each section. The PowerPoint shows are in a .pps format, so you don't need the program PowerPoint to view the show. You will, however need to download the free PowerPoint viewer. We'll give you instructions for downloading the viewer after making your purchase.

The PowerPoint show allows you to train your employees on any computer. The PDF format allows you to print out the program, put into a 3-ring binder and use to train employees on the proper way to clean and care for hard floors.

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