Cleaning Company Policy Manual and Employee Handbook (MS Word Download)

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Cleaning Company Policy Manual and Employee Handbook (MS Word Download)

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What Are The Advantages of an Employee Handbook and Company Policy?

Isn't it time you create a written policy manual / employee handbook for your cleaning company? A policy manual / employee handbook can save you thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees by avoiding just one lawsuit. Why? Because every employer needs to inform each employee of the rules and regulations of the company. When employees understand the rules, they have less reason to file a lawsuit due to misunderstandings.

What is the purpose of a policy manual / employee handbook? It is a written manual that contains guidelines and policies for your company. Employers use it to familiarize employees with their policies. These policies should be covered with all new employees and reviewed from time to time with all employees.

Here are some benefits of having a company policy manual:

  • When each employee knows the rules, misunderstandings are avoided.
  • With fewer misunderstandings, there is less chance of an employee bringing a lawsuit to your company.
  • Lawsuits can cost employers thousands of dollars. Many small businesses simply can't afford this and the result could be disatrous for your business.
  • Avoid "wrongful termination" disputes by having written employment policies in place.
  • Your management and supervisory employees will have a better understanding of what they can and cannot do in regards to hiring and dealing with employees.
  • You and your employees will have more peace of mind, knowing what the rules and regulations are for your company.

"Bless you! I just purchased your Cleaning Company Policy Manual and WOW! You just saved me HOURS of work. I am a past HR professional turned small business owner and know the importance of a good employee handbook. I was skeptical, but this is a great product! I never take the time to write reviews, but this time it was truly needed."

Sheila Perreault
Blue Nest Organizing
Silverdale, WA

"I have been in this business for 25 years and have never run across any thing as helpful as this site has been -- it is so nice not to have to 're-invent the wheel.' We purchased the Policy Manual -- what a time saver!!!"

Kip Monoessy, General Manager
Cleen Sweep Janitorial Corporation
Lawton, Oklahoma

What is include in the Cleaning Company Policy Manual and Employee Handbook? The following is the Table of Contents:

  - Owner's Message
  - Our History
  - Code of Conduct
  - Company Mission Statement
  - About Your Handbook

  - Orientation Period
  - Role of the Employee
  - Equal Employment Opportunity
  - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  - Legal Compliance (Immigration)
  - Employment Definitions
  - Employment Classifications
  - Employee Recruitment
  - Employment of Former Employees
  - Employment of Relatives
  - Confidential Information
  - Personnel Files
  - Conflicts of Interest
  - Suggestions
  - Grievances
  - Employee Possession of Keys Form
  - Dress Code - Personal Appearance Form
  - Equipment Policy Form
  - Use of Company Owned Vehicle

  - Level 1 Cleaning Specialist
  - Level 2 Cleaning Specialist
  - Team Leader
  - Operations Manager

  - Courtesy and Customer Service
  - Visitors
  - Home Security
  - Smoking
  - Company and Personal Property
  - Client Property
  - Telephone Use
  - Cell Phones, Texting
  - Computers, Internet and E-Mail
  - Harassment

  - Workplace Safety
  - Workplace Injuries and Illnesses
  - Accident Reporting 
  - Alcohol and Mood Altering Substances
  - Testing Circumstances
  - Acknowledgement of Drug and Alcohol Policy Form

- Work Schedules
- Expense Reimbursement
- Contacting Managers or Team Leaders
- Timekeeping Procedures
- Overtime Hours
- Holidays
- Lunch Periods and Breaks
- Your Pay
- Promotion Procedures / Pay

  - Attendance
  - Sick Leave
  - Medical Leave
  - Leave of Absence 
  - Request for Leave of Absence Form
  - Return to Work after Serious Injury or Illness
  - Military Leave

  - Vacation Policy 
  - Vacation Request Form
  - Paid Time Off (PTO)
  - Simple IRA Retirement Plan
  - Bereavement Leave
  - Jury Duty

  - Home Inspections
  - Performance Evaluations and Salary Merit Increases
  - Perforamance Appraisal

  - Discipline and Company Violations 
  - Written Counseling/Incident Report
  - Resignations
  - Terminations 
  - Termination Statement 


We recommend using this policy manual in conjunction with the Janitorial Safety Program when training new employees

If you were to hire an HR professional to write your policy manual it would cost at least $2000. But for a very small investment, you can quickly create your own policy manual / employee handbook using this template.


Disclaimer:  This manual is for information purposes only, and is based on information available at the time of publication. It should not be relied on as legal advice. The information is subject to revision as additional information becomes available.™ makes no guarantees of results and assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever in connection with the use of this Policy Manual.


The Cleaning Company Policy Manual and Employee Handbook is a downloadable program in Microsoft Word format. Right after ordering you'll receive an email with a special link to immediately download the program. Simply save it to your computer, edit the text with your company information, print it out, and put it into a 3-ring binder for ease of use.


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