Cleaning Business Start Up Forms

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Cleaning Business Start Up Forms

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The forms included in this Cleaning Business Start Up Forms packet include the following:

Cleaning Business Start Up Checklist:
Once you decide to start a cleaning business there are a lot of steps involved to make sure that you have all of your i's dotted and your t's crossed.  Doing things right from the start will help to get your cleaning business off on the right foot. This check off list points out the various steps you need to take including: getting a support staff, choosing a business name, identifying suppliers, and printing marketing materials. Click here to view this form.

Home Office Set Up Worksheet:
Are you going to going to be running your cleaning business out of your home?  If so you need to think carefully about the space that you are planning for your office. This form will walk you through the steps you need to think about before deciding on the best location for your home office.  It points out the factors you need to take into consideration - such as where the phone lines and electrical outlets are, lighting and ventilation, and do you have room to spread out and do your work?  Click here to view this form.

Start Up Expenses Worksheet:
When you are just starting up your cleaning business it is important to sit down and figure out what your start up costs will be.  This form breaks down the start up expenses into categories and explain the various items that belong in each category. Click here to view this form.

Recurring Company Expenses:
Even after your cleaning company is up and running you will have an assortment of expenses to keep your business operating. This form will help you to see what types of expenses you should budget for on a continual basis.  It includes items such as insurance, phone, office supplies, rental fees, etc. Click here to view this form.

Janitorial Supplies Checklist:
A checklist for individuals starting a cleaning business. It breaks down the basic supplies that you will need to get started. The list is broken down by task and also has a list of restroom cleaning supplies that you should have on hand. Click here to view this form.