Checklists 2

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Checklists 2

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This package of checklist forms includes the following:

Building Inspection Checklist
This checklist gives a breakdown for all of the cleaning tasks your employees will be asked to do for a building. The employees can then be rated for their work by use of a scale that rates from poor to excellent. Some of the specific cleaning areas and duties on the form include: Entrance, Lobby, Trash, Elevators, Stairwells, Dusting, Breakrooms and Restrooms. Click here to view this form.

Restroom Daily Cleaning Checklist
A daily checklist for your staff to use when cleaning a building's restrooms. The form is laid out with various times throughout the day when the restroom is cleaned and restocked. Click here to view this form.

Restroom Weekly Cleaning Checklist
A weekly restroom checklist to make sure that restrooms are cleaned and supplies restocked. It includes areas for all seven days of the week. Click here to view this form.

Quality Assurance Guidelines
This form is a checklist to help your employees make sure that they have completed all of their cleaning tasks in a thorough manner. The form is broken down by room/area and is a complete checklist of the various tasks that your cleaning crew should have addressed. It includes a breakdown of what should be done in restrooms, common areas, breakrooms, general office areas, equipment areas, and more. Click here to view this form.

Janitorial Supplies Checklist
A checklist for individuals starting a cleaning business. It breaks down the basic supplies that you will need to get started. The list is broken down by task and also has a list of restroom cleaning supplies that you should have on hand. Click here to view this form.

Production Cleaning Times
This document has a breakdown of cleaning times for the various tasks your employees may be doing. It has a breakdown of the various tasks your employees may be required to do and the estimated length of time it will take them to perform each task. Click here to view this form.

Floor Maintenance Program
Keeping floors clean can be a challenge.  To do it correctly, you need to have the right floor maintenance program in place.  Before you put together a floor maintenance program, you need to examine the floor and identify the soil load and traffic patterns. By looking at these two factors you can determine the best practices that are needed to keep your floors looking in tip top shape. Click here to view this form.