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Bidding Forms

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Bidding Forms

Product Number: bidforms

(available in the download library)

"Potential customers have been so impressed by the bid packet that it has won contracts that I might not have gotten previously. You guys are unbelievable at what you do. I learned more in one year from you than I did the previous seventeen years in business!" -- Joe DeMilio, Green Appeal Janitorial, Daytona Beach, Florida

"Steve and Jean -- the client was very impressed with my bid packet -- of all the different bidders, he was most impressed with my presentation. I modeled it after the one you have on your site. Once again, thanks."  -- Mark Rangel, Rangel Maintenance Solutions, Manteca CA

"Let me just say thank you to The Janitorial Store and the discussion forum for the immeasurable assistance I have received. We won a 12-month contract at a private K-8 school, using your sample contracts and bid specifications. Thank you so much." -- Nadia Fadell, Monticello, Florida

This packet of forms includes the following:

Bid Specifications:
A form to use when bidding on a new account. Use the form as a checklist while walking through the building, and then incorporate it into the Bid so the customer has a detailed Specifications list included in their bid packet. The form lists specific cleaning tasks, which are categorized, with columns for frequency (ex: times per week, times per month, times per year). Click here to view this form.

Cleaning Bid Packet 1:
A comprehensive bid packet you can use when bidding on new accounts. Preparing a professional looking bid packet will go a long ways towards making your customers realize that your company has a lot to offer. Along with specifying the services you will be providing, a bid packet gives you the opportunity to sell your company by stating the skills, qualifications and experience that you can provide to your customers. Click here to view this form.

Cleaning Bid Packet 2:
Another professional bid packet you can use for potential customers. This packet includes an introductory letter, list of cleaning specifications, cleaning supplies price list, terms and conditions and references. Click here to view this form.

Residential Services Specifications / Agreement:
This is an all-in-one form to use when bidding on residential cleaning services. The first page provides a specifications list for services the customer would like performed, broken down by areas of the house (kitchen, bathroom, living rooms/family rooms/bedrooms, entry/foyer/stairways, and utility room. The form also has a section for additional services not included in the standard specifications list such as window washing and carpet cleaning, with an area to note prices for these services. The form also provides space to list frequency, terms of payment, and signatures for acceptance. Click here to view this form.

Bid Estimation Worksheet
This bid estimation worksheet is a form you can take out when meeting with potential customers. It has fields to enter information about the building and the types of services that the customer needs. There is an area to indicate what day of the week and what time of day the customer wants the building cleaned. There are also fields to record the square feet of the buildling, square feet of carpeted area as well as other types of flooring. It has areas to sum up the total square foot to estimate your price. Clilck here to view this form.

Residential Services Contract
Use this sample cleaning contract to create your own residential cleaning contract.  The contract covers the following areas: Where services are to be performed, length of contract, termination policy, payment terms, insurance, effective date, indemnification, who supplies the cleaning chemicals and equipment and acceptance. Click here to view this form.

Janitorial Services Contract
A sample cleaning contract you can customize and use with your commercial cleaning customers.  The form covers: Where services are to be performed, length of contract, termination policy, payment terms, price adjustments, cleaning chemicals and equipment, indemnification, insurance, independent contractor status, effective date, and acceptance of agreement. Click here to view this form.