Bidding & Estimating for Cleaning Companies - Downloadable Ebook

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Bidding & Estimating for Cleaning Companies - Downloadable Ebook

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Are you confused on how to prepare bids for commercial cleaning accounts? Bidding and estimating can mean walking the tightrope between not bidding high enough to make a profit or bidding too high and losing the account.  Walking that fine line and bidding correctly can have a huge impact on the success of your cleaning business.

This Ebook will show you how to bid, step-by-step. There is no one step form  or "cookie cutter" approach you can use to knock out a quick price.  Effective bidding requires time and effort on your part. This E-Book will walk you through the steps from the initial client meeting to how you put everything together into a professional looking bid packet.

This Ebook shows you how to:

  • do a walk-through to impress the potential client and get the information you need to put together a profitable bid
  • ask the right questions
  • create production rates for your cleaning company and learn how these rates affect the profitability of your accounts
  • estimate your costs so you know how much profit you'll make on the account
  • add profitability to your bid by adding specialized services
  • put together a professional looking proposal that will impress the client and make you stand out from your competition

There is more to bidding than taking a quick walk through a building and putting some numbers together - or worse yet, "winging it".  To make a profit in your cleaning business you must know specifics about the building, what the customer needs, and what your costs are.  Once you have that information in hand you'll be better prepared to put together a winning bid. 

Bidding & Estimating for Cleaning Companies has over 80 pages of practical advice you can start using immediately to prepare your cleaning bids. 

This E-Book contains the following:

Bidding and Estimating: Introduction

Commercial Bidding and Estimating
    How Do I Know What to Charge?
    What's the Difference Between Class A, Class B and Class C Office Buildings?
    How to Prepare for an RFP (Request for Proposal)
    Obtaining Government Contracts
    The Walk-Through: How to do a site Inspection
        Be Prepared for the Site Inspection
        Question to Ask
        Bid Walk-Through Worksheet
        How to Measure a Building for a Cleaning Bid
    Understanding Cleaning Production Rates
    How to Develop Production Rates for Your Cleaning Company
        Conversion Chart: Time Equivalents in Worker Hours
        Production Cleaning Rates by State
        How to Analyze Employee Workloads
        How to Estimate Your Costs (Expenses)
    Coming Up With Your Price
        General Cleaning
        Floor Care
        Putting It All Together
        Bidding on Restroom Supplies and Can Liners
    Sample Bids (7 sample bids broken down, step-by-step)
    What to Include in Your Cleaning Packet
    Sample Proposal

BONUS! Order today and you will also get the following forms:

  • Production Cleaning Rates Chart
  • Bid Walk-Through Worksheet
  • Measurement / Supplies Worksheet
  • Bid Pricing Worksheet 
  • Specifications list
  • Two Bid Proposal templates
  • Janitorial Services Contract

Bidding and Estimating the right way will help you get new accounts and ensure you are making a profit!  By reading and working through the sample bids contained in Bidding & Estimating for Cleaning Companies Ebook, you'll learn the tricks of the trade and how to successfully grow your cleaning business.

This is a downloadable product with both PDF and Microsoft Word documents.  Shortly after ordering you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to download your product. 

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