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So you want to start a cleaning business? You've just found THE place for people who are pursuing their dreams of owning a successful cleaning business.

Find hundreds of janitorial and bidding forms, information-packed eBooks, how-to articles, bidding calculators, active discussion groups, audio interviews with experts and more! Plus get discounts on training programs, DVD's and cleaning products.

Join our community of cleaning company owners and gain immediate access to proven strategies for starting, building, and managing your cleaning business.

Featured Resources
InspectaClean Mobile App for Janitorial Cleaning InspectionsInspectaClean Mobile App for Janitorial Cleaning Inspections
InspectaClean is the mobile app you're been waiting for! Inspecting your janitorial cleaning accounts has never been easier or more affordable than with the InspectaClean mobile app. Not only can you do inspections for all the cleaning packages you offer but you can create customized inspections such as carpet cleaning, window washing, floor care, etc. -- all for one low price. You won't find another full-featured inspection app of this kind for this price anywhere else. . . . keep reading

How to Start a Cleaning Business - Part 1 (Free Article Series)How to Start a Cleaning Business - Part 1 (Free Article Series)
Jean Hanson
If you're wondering how to start a cleaning business, this article will get you on the right path. This is the first in a series of in-depth articles that will help you successfully start a cleaning business. . . . keep reading

Jani Bid App - Available on iTunes and Google PlayJani Bid App - Available on iTunes and Google Play
Finally! The janitorial bidding app you've been searching for! Pricing your prospects' locations has never been easier and more accurate than with the Jani Bid Mobile App. Not only will you present an accurate price, you'll know that it's priced profitably for YOUR business. You won't find another full-featured app of this kind anywhere else. Available on iTunes and Google Play. Click here to learn more and watch the Video Tutorials. . . . keep reading

6-CD SET: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Janitorial Companies6-CD SET: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Janitorial Companies
This is a 6-CD Set filled with documents that you can use to create Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for your cleaning company. You can also use the documents to qualify for CIMS Certification. You also receive a BONUS One Year Membership to The Janitorial Store with purchase. Active members will receive an extra year added onto their membership. . . . keep reading

NEWSLETTERS for Commercial Cleaning CompaniesNEWSLETTERS for Commercial Cleaning Companies
SEPTEMBER ISSUE NOW AVAILABLE! Sending monthly newsletters is the #1 way to stay in front of your clients and prospects. The best part is, WE do all the work of creating the content! All you have to do is personalize it for your business by adding special offers and company updates. Then take it to your local printer or upload it to an online printer. You can even upload it to your website for online reading. NewzBreak is a 4-page, full color newsletter. You will have it printed on 11x17 paper, folded in half. New issues every month! Order monthly or buy an entire year for a discounted price. Click here to see sample issues. . . . keep reading

DEAL OF THE WEEK! Customer Service Training Program for Cleaning Technicians (PDF Download)DEAL OF THE WEEK! Customer Service Training Program for Cleaning Technicians (PDF Download)
Your customers generally judge you, your reputation, and your quality of service by the way your employees handle themselves and deliver on the promises you make. Do your employees really know how to represent your company in the way you want it to be represented? The Customer Service Training Program for Cleaning Technicians will pay big dividends with your customers. BONUS - 1 hour webinar included - How to Create Happy Customers Through Well Trained Employees! . . . keep reading

What's New
Production Rates Tracking SpreadsheetProduction Rates Tracking Spreadsheet
This spreadsheet allows you to track and calculate each building's production rate. It also has tabs for tracking task times for up to 3 employees. This will give you a better idea of how long each task takes for your company. . . . keep reading

Video: Disciplining Employees of Cleaning CompaniesVideo: Disciplining Employees of Cleaning Companies
Many cleaning company owners and supervisors have never received any formal training on how to discipline employees. In this video, Jean Hanson and Dick Ollek, CBSE, discuss several best practices when it comes to dealing with discipline issues. If you don't follow these recommended practices, you'll likely find your self frustrated and possibly in hot water if you don't pay attention to the legal side of discipline. . . . keep reading

Zone Cleaning: How to Plan Your Cleaning Technician's RouteZone Cleaning: How to Plan Your Cleaning Technician's Route
This is a video that explains zone cleaning and how to plan your cleaning technician's route. Developing efficient cleaning routes are essential to every cleaning business in order to maximize productivity. It is inefficient to let your employees try to figure it out on their own, and you want to make sure the route is the same no matter who is doing the cleaning that day. . . . keep reading

WEBINAR: Winning Friends and Influencing People To Grow Your Cleaning BusinessWEBINAR: Winning Friends and Influencing People To Grow Your Cleaning Business
This webinar shows cleaning business owners how to utilize Dale Carnegies proven human relations principles and success strategies to win friends, influence people and build your janitorial service business! Our guest speaker is Michael Frenda, Regional Manager of Performance Consulting at Dale Carnegie Training and co-owner of Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation. . . . keep reading

DVD: Discipline Training for Building Service ContractorsDVD: Discipline Training for Building Service Contractors
In this DVD, Dick Ollek, CBSE, RGC, conducts a workshop that takes the participants through the 11 important steps required for effective discipline. He discusses the importance and benefits of doing it right and the consequences of doing it wrong. . . . keep reading

Episode 82: Price Versus Cost: There IS a Difference When it Comes to Selling Cleaning ServicesEpisode 82: Price Versus Cost: There IS a Difference When it Comes to Selling Cleaning Services
Jean Hanson
These days cleaning prospects tend to focus on the price of your cleaning service over everything else because they want the best deal to stay within their budget, while still getting a quality service. But it's your job to help them realize they should be thinking about COST, not PRICE - there IS a difference. . . . keep reading

Improve Cleaning Quality With Commercial Cleaning InspectionsImprove Cleaning Quality With Commercial Cleaning Inspections
Jean Hanson
Providing your customers with quality cleaning and meeting their cleaning needs and specifications is the foundation of any successful, customer-centered commercial cleaning company. Performing building inspections is an important part of the company's quality assurance program since it is what helps an organization achieve its quality objectives; to assure customers that it is positioned to deliver quality services on a regular basis. Building inspections provide the necessary feedback in order to measure the cleaning services being provided to that customer. . . . keep reading

Episode 81: Cleaning Business Owners: If You Want It Done Right, Do It
YourselfEpisode 81: Cleaning Business Owners: If You Want It Done Right, Do It Yourself
Jean Hanson
If you want it done right, do it yourself. I'm sure you've said this to yourself a few times; I know I have. And you know what? You're probably right! No one can run your business as well as you. No one will put the same amount of time and energy into your business as you do, and no one has the passion for the business that you have. Of course not, it's your business! . . . keep reading

How to Plan Your Exit Strategy for Your Cleaning BusinessHow to Plan Your Exit Strategy for Your Cleaning Business
Jean Hanson
Whether you've just started your cleaning business or you've been in business for a while, if you haven't given any thought to how you will eventually exit the business, you will probably be unprepared when the time comes. . . . keep reading

Gain the Respect of Your Cleaning Employees by Being a Good LeaderGain the Respect of Your Cleaning Employees by Being a Good Leader
Jean Hanson
Over the years I have learned that in order to gain the respect of your employees, you must first show respect to your employees. And in an industry where cleaning technicians get very little respect, this can go a long way towards making them feel valued in their job. . . . keep reading

Survey: How to Find EmployeesSurvey: How to Find Employees
One of the biggest challenges for cleaning business owners is finding cleaning technicians. We used to be able to get lots of applicants applying for job openings, but that seem to be a thing of the past in recent months. Now we're lucky if we can get a handful of applicants to even show up for an interview! This document shows survey results on where cleaning business owners are finding employees, and an article on crafting a better employment ad to attract more candidates. . . . keep reading

Episode 80: Facebook Tip for Reaching More Cleaning ProspectsEpisode 80: Facebook Tip for Reaching More Cleaning Prospects
Jean Hanson
Many business owners are getting frustrated since Facebook has severely limited the ability of our followers to see our posts unless we spend money to boost visibility. If you also connect with clients and prospects on your personal page, this Facebook tip will help you reach and engage with more of your followers and cleaning prospects in a very targeted way. . . . keep reading

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